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Why Volunteer

Our diverse and passionate volunteers are creating meaningful change in the creative community. Join us, and help build a safer, more equitable space for creators and their communities alike.

Volunteer Testimonials

I wanted to help people feel heard and safe during an otherwise frightening time.
I wanted to give back to a community that has been a major source of support for me. I didn’t want anyone else to ever have to go through the hell of trying to do the right thing when all the systems are pushing for the opposite.
I love being part of a team that is working to create safer communities. It feels great to work with a community of dedicated and thoughtful people to develop innovative solutions to longstanding social problems.
I love being part of a team of wonderful people all working to forge a solution to a problem we understand all too well.

Ways to volunteer

Help us build safer communities

Victim Advocacy

Provide support, guidance, and resources to individuals in our community who have experienced harm or abuse.


Conduct impartial inquiries into allegations of misconduct. Gather evidence, interview witnesses, and compile reports that lead to restorative outcomes.

Social Media

Monitor CAN’s social media presence across multiple channels. Create graphics and visual content for use in CAN’s social feeds, and prepare written content which supports our mission.


Network with and provide trainings for creators interested in becoming credentialed

Donation Impact

As a public charity, your support keeps us running. In the past year, we’ve used your generous contributions in the following ways.

Engaged in wide-ranging research efforts to ensure that our work rests on a strong foundation of ethical scholarship.

Engaged attorneys to obtain nonprofit status for our novel organizational model.
Contracted the professional services necessary to create an organization that maintains high standards of expertise.

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