The CAN Approach

Victim Advocacy

CAN maintains a team of certified victim advocates to help individuals through as much of our process as they’re interested in pursuing. Their sole interest is supporting the agency and well being of reporters and creators. Reporters and creators are free to avail themselves of this service, and we strongly encourage them to speak with a victim advocate at least to understand our system, its strengths and limitations, and their options. Victim advocates can also help individuals fill out reports as well as provide a range of support services throughout the process such as attending meetings and communicating needs and preferences on their behalf.


Our reporting team maintains the database where our reports are stored. They provide support to our victim advocates to ensure that reports are tagged properly for access purposes. They also help other parts of our organization get information from reports to ensure that we’re respecting the preferences of reporters and the needs of our content creators to securely retain sensitive information about them that has not gone through our full process.


CAN’s team of trained investigators manage actionable reports according to our restorative justice principles. This process includes gathering information from reporters, reportees, and anyone with relevant information. Investigators then compile this information and provide it to our mediation team, as well as supporting those teams with any additional information gathering.


CAN’s trained mediators work with all the individuals involved in a report, ideally to help them reach an acceptable resolution. Mediators will discuss information from the report with individuals to help them understand the concerns involved and what sorts of communication they feel would be best during the mediation process. If necessary, mediators may be asked to arbitrate the disagreement, or to make decisions about whether to remove a creator’s credentialing.

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